About Us

What is the Data Curation Network?

The Data Curation Network is a community-led network of professional data curators that aim to empower researchers to publish high quality data in an ethical and FAIR way, collaborate to advance the art and science of data curation by creating, adopting, and openly sharing best practices, and support thoughtful, innovative, and inclusive data curation training and professional development opportunities.

What is data curation?

Data curation enables data discovery and retrieval, maintains data quality, adds value, and provides for re-use over time through activities including authentication, archiving, metadata creation, digital preservation, and transformation. Data curators collaborate with researchers to share data ethically and in ways that are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).

What is the CURATED Training?

The Data Curation Network is pleased to provide online CURATE(D) training. The goal of the CURATE(D) Training is to offer an introduction to applied data curation. This training is designed for those completely new to data curation, those hoping to refresh their data curation skills, or those looking to apply data curation knowledge to the management of their own research data.

Learners will:

  • Increase understanding of data curation practices and tools.

  • Apply the CURATE(D) model to a data deposit.

The CURATE(D) training modules were developed as part of the Specialized Data Curation Training program funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) ##RE-85-18-004018.

Blake, Mara; Borda, Susan; Carlson, Jake;Darragh, Jennifer; Fearon, David; Hadley, Hannah; Herndon, Joel; Johnston, Lisa; Kalt, Marley; Kozlowski, Wendy; Hess, Sophia Lafferty; Moore, Jennifer; Narlock, Mikala; Scott, Dorris; Vitale, Cynthia Hudson; Wham, Briana Ezray; Wright, Sarah (2022), Data Curation Network: CURATED Training. https://datacurationnetwork.github.io/CURATED/

CURATE(D) Training Development Team

Content Creators

Mara Blake, Susan Borda, Jake Carlson, Jennifer Darragh, David Fearon, Hannah Hadley, Joel Herndon, Lisa Johnston, Marley Kalt, Wendy Kozlowski, Sophia Lafferty Hess, Jennifer Moore, Mikala Narlock, Dorris Scott, Cynthia Hudson Vitale, Briana Ezray Wham, Sarah Wright

Instructional Designer

Amanda Albert

Web Developers

Subohi Agarwal, Punya Nayan Shah