CURATED Training Modules Overview

Note: This training and associated CURATE(D) model are teaching and research tools that are presented and best understood sequentially. However, you can use this navigation to jump to a particular module by clicking on the title of a module.

  * Module activities will require access to the example Data deposit.

C: Check Your Data Take an inventory of the contents that have been submitted by the depositor.
U: Understand Your Data Dive deeper into the items submitted for curation to determine whether they form a cohesive package that would allow future reuse and understandability.
R: Request Missing Information Communicate with the depositor to address the gaps you have identified through checking and understanding the data.
A: Augment the Data Deposit Enhance the data deposit through changes to machine-readable metadata, README files, or other documentation based on information gathered through understanding the data as well as received through communication with the depositor.
T: Transform File Formats Convert data formats to increase accessibility, interoperability, or the likelihood of long-term preservation.
E: Evaluate the Overall Data Package Evaluate the results of the curation process, assessing the impact of data curation on the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of the deposit.
D: Document for Curation Develop documentation for the curation actions taken to the deposit.